Pauline Park

They say you can’t be in love with two people at once. Must not be true because Pauline is basically in love with her entire MBA class. LA girl gone Michigander, she is always tryna bring some of that California sunshine to the midwest! When she is not busting out tunes at Ann Arbor’s finest karaoke establishment or sitting at home watching (maybe crying at) youtube videos of grandparents receiving puppies as surprise presents, you can find Pauline on the dance floor. Like, literally any dance floor.

Pauline is excited to dance and drink her way through Europe with all of you, and she can answer any burning questions you have about dat MBA lyfe. What’s it like being a career switcher? Should I be in Tauber? Where can I get decent Mexican food in AA?? (Honestly, nowhere.) She can answer it all – but be warned: you will have to look at 10000000 pictures of her hybrid wolfdog, Luna, first.