Peter Callahan

A bit of a jack of all trades, Peter has spent his life working in a diverse number of fields; from philosopher to U.S. Marine attack helicopter pilot, he has searched high and low for meaning, adventure, and the most effective way to cook a breakfast burrito.  As a member of the Tauber Institute, he loves operations and all things process oriented, and is totally committed to ensuring you have the most fun in the most efficient way possible.  His personal hero is Bill Murray, specifically in the role of Steve Zissou in “The Life Aquatic,” and recommends you watch it immediately if you have not seen it.  If you have seen it start watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” so you can understand his jokes and sarcastic comments.  He also believes that Sunday Funday is one of the most important of human endeavors, and looks forward to sharing a glass of Georgian moonshine with you.  Whatever your background or talents he is interested to hear about your life, and believes that all people have an important story that needs to be told.  He thinks you should join this Trek, it will change your life.