Phoebe “Phoebs” Morgan

The blonde bombshell of the group, Pheebs also hails from the Bay Area before swapping coasts to hang out with Johnny Hopkins. After grinding through start-up life (just kidding, Deloitte – ever heard of it??), this future healthcare badass doesn’t need a whistle to wrangle any lost trekker (yes, her voice gets THAT loud and high pitched naturally). After 25 vodka sodas, not only will she bring the party up an octave or two but she’ll also scare away any strangers who are even thinking about trying to drink our bottle service. The undisputed ringleader of the group, Phoebe will be there to remind you that MTrek is a marathon, not a sprint, but don’t forget – we sprint marathons. Infamous for many reasons, Phoebe has been known to get so hyped that she loses her drink, only to be told that it’s still in her hand. Try to keep up with her and you’ll be sorry, but you’ll have a hell of a fun time trying.