Priyal Patel

A herbivore and a self-proclaimed Taco Bell aficionado, Priyal has been known to clean out restaurants of their supply of hot sauce. She hails from Houston, Texas y’all, and carries with her some of the illest dance-moves that range from fiery bhangra to funky flash mob scenes. On an average weeknight, she can be found either closing down the Rendezvous Hookah Lounge or sitting on the couch and conversing with household appliances as if they were people (her version of Netflix and Chill!). Her detest for Pusheen the internet cat is adorable; but, she literally LOVES everything else! Priyals’ positivity and happy energy are infectious, making her an affable business shark. Prior to Ross, Priyal was pushing the boundaries of work appropriate clothing at Appian, a software company.