Prutha Patel

Be careful with your phone around this one. Voted “Most likely to write full sentences in an instagram story about a family wedding”, she will also send some great messages to everyone in your contact list after sucking down a few of her favorite spirit, tequila. She’s real and gets down to it with a sneaky Garden State smile, usually after a passing (but planted) reference to The State University of New Jersey aka Rutgers (who thought of that?). Her experience in non-profit becomes immediately apparent with her generous soul supplemented by a fresh batch of vocal fry (I LOVE that!), which she’ll take to the marketing arena after Ross, peddling yogurt and making sure Chobani doesn’t take over the world. If for some reason you don’t get to know Prutha well on the trek, her record of planning 8+ MBA1 MTrek reunions alone bodes well for your chances to get to know her back in Ann Arbor, likely over a slice or two of Cottage Inn pizza. For real though, Prutha is the kindest, most generous soul at Ross, and will be sure to help you get the most out of your MTrek experience, and most importantly, back at Ross as the MBA experience plays out (except Stats. Do NOT ask her for help on Stats).