Puneet Goenka

When Puneet is not traversing the world to visit yet another UNESCO World Heritage site, he’s a social entrepenuer making the world a better place….which he secretly hopes will create more UNESCO sites. Puneet’s calm, easy going demeaner and quick smile will keep the group happyily trekking. But don’t be fooled – this tall Michigan-man will party with the best of them ’til the wee hours of the morning, or until the flight home leaves (there’s no law against being sick at the airport right?) ‘Neet can often be found surrounded by ladies in the Winter Garden extolling the virtues of makiing a social impact, emerging markets and icecream. Splitting his time between Ann Arbor and Bombay, this vegetarian is so hot right now that a real-life queen moved in across the street from him in India hoping for a glimpse.