Rachel de Leon

The Titan Goddess of Synergy – Unlike the other deities chronicled thus far, Rachel is not an Olympian, but rather a powerful Titaness. Born and raised along the American Gulf Coast, Rachel was schooled by the great Gator philosopher-kings of the University of Florida. It was during those formative years that she honed her battle skills against several ferocious beasts including tigers, razorbacks, and gamecocks while still finding time to specialize in the ancient Greek arts of Polymer Science Engineering.

Many historians and fancy-pants academics believe it was this focus on polymers, the dark art of creating a molecular compound from many similar, smaller molecules, that has given Rachel the mythical powers of synergy. Her awe-inspiring leadership has been on display while as the president of Section 1 (aka – The Chosen Ones) where she wrangled no less than 85 of the Typiest A-ist personalities this side of Hades. No doubt her skills will serve the Grand Army of Bain and Company well after her time at Ross has concluded, but for now…she belongs to the Argonauts of Thessaloniki.