Rachel Ing aka Fits McGee

What do you get when you combine a chemical engineer, a fake sorority girl and an athlete? Rachel Ing, who from a young age has been a fashion blogger and DC socialite (if you couldn’t already tell from the salvation army 80s jacket in the photo), now dresses primarily in groutfits.

If you’re from DC and a fan of Baby Shark you’ll get along just fine with this DC native. This former consultant will be spending her summer as an analytics guru for the Washington Nationals. #Natitude.

A resident of the Ross Sorority, the Lima Bean, Rachel will make sure to start every dance floor but never close them as she’ll probably just Irish exit. See her in the middle of a night out and she seems like the most responsible one at the bar? Don’t worry, there is a 99.9999% she’s about to drop you and scouting her own exit opportunities. But don’t worry because you will find her back at the house cooking a meal for everyone to have when they come back.