Rachel Sebastian

What happens when a box of (organic) granola mates with a cheetah during a hike? Rachel Sebastian, that’s what. This Portland-bred, New York hardened gal is “beautiful inside and out” – another MBA1. There are three things we know for sure about Rachel: 1) She’s fast AF. A D1 runner in college, she achieved the pinnacle of her career by claiming fastest MBA at this years “athletically” rigorous MBA games (our dumpy potato bodies cheered from the sidelines) 2) She knows ALL the people, we mean everyone. She probably already knows you and is sending you a message right now to go to Skeeps…go on, check your phone 3) Her one and only nemesis is cheese. While Rachel is the newest leader of the consultant army…we mean club, being from Portland and having an affinity for all things mountain related/shaped/adjacent, she is also taking on the very important role of VP of Onesies & Sendies on the Ski Club. Don’t let this badass boss lady exterior fool you though, Rachel primarily subsists on a steady diet of hugs, cuddles, nuzzles, and constant human contact (no cheese though!). She’s like the Golden retriever you always dreamt of. Rachel is jazzed for this South African hootenanny and is ready to see some animals, chug some vino, thrust her hips in all sorts of directions, and most definitely runaway and leave us all for death should we get into a stampede situation (we’re 86% confident that won’t happen).

Likes: Hikes, 151 rum, taco tuesday, vertical inclines, ratchet-lite music

No No zone: coffee…or cheese…or tequila…better yet, just don’t feed her