Ravi Patel

Growing up nearby New York City, Ravi has been an urbanite his whole life. Having done Teach for America, he is prepared to teach you the art of MTrekism (aka no sleep, and plenty of exploration and partying).

On Mtrek you will find me: Doing something illegal, like climbing up the Sagrada Familia to take a dope picture. After that, I will party all night and watch the sunrise with a beer and a churro.

If I were a drink, I would be: Pickleback, it is smooth but intense (and a good way to get my daily dose of vegetables). If you have too much of it, you will probably have a hard day after, but it doesn’t matter, I will be carrying antacids.

Day drinking x night drinking: I love Daging! I love taking in the sun on a boat, by a pool, or at THE BUS. I cannot wait for the booze cruise.

Fun fact: Ravi was on the Amazing Race in Brazil (for one episode).