Rhea Kumar

You merely adopted the dark……Rhea was BORN in it. This operations queen will be effectively processing a hefty inflow of tequila sodas while maintaining short lead times between activities on the trek. Drinking may be her achilles heel but don’t worry – Rhea can bounce back from a dark (k)night faster than Bruce Wayne responds to the bat signal. The sole originator for the word FOMO, Rhea has not missed a social activity since ‘92. When she’s not busy trying to input the work in work-life balance, you can catch her actively procrastinating at a bar or fun “sober” activities like bowling or trivia night. This gem will be your MTrek momma and closest friend but when the sun sets, the former risk management expert will show you why exactly that title was so ironic for her. They don’t call her bad girl Ri Ri for nothing and any future MTrekker would be sure to note it before joining her ranks.