Rob Kasper

Ron Swanson’s long lost cousin, Rob has perfected cheerily grumpy chic during his journey from childhood in the Chicago suburbs to formative adult years in Portland, Oregon. Simultaneously impeccably competent and surprisingly clumsy (ask him about Ann Arbor’s sidewalk-clearing policies), Rob will push us to explore the wild side of the Caucasus, ensuring we make the most of a trip halfway around the world. Coming to Ross to trade in his engineer hard hat for a Thailand-custom-tailored consultant blazer, Rob can be found wrecking fools with a dodgeball, pouring you a glass of your new favorite beer, or struggling to get three-day-old glitter out of his beard. Always game for a serious conversation with a side dish of making fun of Sam, Rob will cut through the group’s inevitable indecision to get us moving downhill and partially in control.