Robert Jones II

Challengers beware! In the right corner, wearing the country club branded shorts – well, he may not be a boxer, despite the sound of his name, but make NO mistake – Bo Jones is a bonafide heavyweight in our hearts, and with a bottle. The Raging Bull of bougie New Jersey, RJII is world renowned for his knockout (rum) punch, and his brilliant (“shake shake ya booty”) footwork. The only champion fighter ever to walk out to Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, Bo has wowed crowds across the globe with his brilliant defensive bob and weave (of responsibility) and his ability to spar/bar with anyone, at any time. Now retired to the serenity of Ann Arbor, this champ always goes the distance and is the Main Event of the party. With an infectious laugh and an alcohol endurance that can rival even the crowds of the Golden Days of Madison Square Garden, please welcome the Legendary BO JONESSSSS.