Rohan Bhagwat

Lupe Fiasco once said “I’m from the city in the Midwest, best city in the whole wide wide world,” and that is where the similarities between Rohan and Lupe end. You’ll usually find Rohan stalking open tables in the Winter Garden or pounding tequila shots at Ricks. Telling dad jokes and eating tacos are some of his specialties, but being disappointed by all the sports teams he roots for is his true passion in life. And if you ever find yourself getting chased by a bear in Bali, remember that you don’t have to run faster than the bear, you just have to run faster than Rohan, which is easy because he’s the slowest runner ever. After a summer full of consulting and traveling the country to potentially obscure locations, Rohan is ready to hop on a few more flights all the way to sunny Bali.