Rome LaForce

Wanderer. Lover. Ronin. A man has no name… but you can call him Rome. After working 5 years in gray cubicles, Rome decided to leave his life behind for the opportunity to turn up for 2 years, meet new people, and make a f*ckton more money (in a different gray cubicle).   Born and raised in Cambridge, this one man wolfpack discovered Winson dancing for tips in front of Quincy Market and on the subways in Boston. At Ross, he met the rest of his wolfpack on an uncanny venture in Southeast Asia where they witnessed both great and terrible things.
Rome is the only Rosser who can beat you in a rap battle and recite from memory obscure comic book dialogue that you’ve never heard of. Though he looks like your estranged uncle in the photo above, he is actually a kid at heart. The kid that sneaks out of school at lunch. Now, he’s ready to make sure you have the time of your life with the squad in Croatia.