Ryan Bernard

With the most charming smile and most defined abs you’ve ever seen on campus, one would expect Ryan to be that classic b-school bro the blogs warned you about. But fear not, Ryan is one of the sweetest guys at Ross. “Where did Ryan get these fire abs?”, you may be wondering. As you suspected, Ryan is an athlete, both formerly and currently. He represents the Ross School of Business in club soccer tournaments in remote locations like Los Angeles and Austin. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Ryan enjoys the finer things in life and for this reason he is heading back to the Big Apple to launch his career in FinTech/PE/VC/insert more finance buzzwords here. Ryan is also passionate about dogs, and if you have one he will be your new best friend. He will also post about his interaction with your dog on Instagram for all his fans to admire. Said fans will appreciate this post, because only serial killers do not love dogs.