Ryan Ghazaeri

Ryan is our Persian-Ken Doll, a physical specimen who spends his free time pretending to work out, gelling his hair, and preparing for Bachelorette auditions. He came to Ross from Wells Fargo where as a customer sales representative, he created 500 and serviced 200 accounts. Since coming to Ross, he has perfected his ability to dance to Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” (a song that went out 7 years ago), spontaneously belting out rap songs, and criticizing Joe’s penchant for following the WWE. On campus, you’ll likely find Ryan at Ricks at 2am, running late to a Wolverine Venture Fund meeting, or whining in the Winter Garden about how hard it is to drive his car in the snow. While he is originally from Cali Cali, he will be switching coasts this summer to work in investment banking at Barclays in New York.