Sabaina Kamara

Sabaina is from Maryland but claims DC because let’s face it, DC is cool. Hailing from downtown DC–stay with me here–Sabaina worked in diversity and inclusion as an Analyst, helping companies become more diverse. Because her work was so “fulfilling”–cuz you know, companies loooove to hear that they aren’t diverse–Sabaina became a master integrator. So, you’re bound to catch her passing out cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages to ensure that everyone has good, “clean” fun.

On MTrek you will find me: Dancing the night away (when Sabi comes out to play), securing the WiFi, and taking photos. Always “doing it for the ‘gram”, Sabaina will have you modeling in no time. #WhatsTheWifi?

If I were a drink I would be: A classic Margarita on the rocks with premium vodka because it’s salty, sweet, and get’s the party started. #StayBaltyBeaches

Day drinking or night drinking: DAY DRINKING. The afternoon turn up and evening turndown is Ç’est Magnifique! P.S. she doesn’t know French but Ç’est la vie.

Fun fact: Sabaina is a member of an ELITE dance team called Prettiest Rickies that specializes in Hip Hop dancing and serenading _______. Ask her about this on the trip; she’ll provide footage–It’s funny…I promise. #MBgAy