Sabrina Jimenez-Pantoja

Sabrina Jimenez-Pantoja (aka SJP) hails from the closest South American city to the US…..Miami! In addition to her passion for hyphenated last names, her hobbies include rocking the tourist look with a fanny pack and paper maps in Europe, running a support group for T-Rex’s limiting appendages, and forcing animal-activist documentaries onto innocent roommates. She’s known on a first-name basis by all the local Starbucks baristas, she hopes to contribute a fanny pack of Tostidos and an intimate knowledge of several (admittedly not useful) languages to this MTrek, and her favorite show currently is the Mindy Project, to which she can relate on too many levels.

This summer she will work in investment banking in New York. Before Ross she followed the non-traditional path of joining a big 4 firm and spent three years in consulting in the big apple. Sabrina is super excited to meet all of the MBA 1s and help guide through the rigors of the first year — Ann Arbor late night pizza.