Sameed Imran

Sameed, aka Wolf of State Street, is our dynamo socialite, lovingly described by all of his friend as charming, witty, motivated, and none of the above. As a child Sameed wanted to be an astronaut, but stopped short of achieving tronaut. With banking as his fall-back career, Sameed has found an outlet for his enthusiasm, and found a money source for his neckerchief habit. With Sameed by your side, expect to learn the art of negotiating. Expect to learn the art of delegating (this bio is authored by his chauffeur’s driver). Expect to learn the art of Making Friends & Influencing People’s Checking Accounts. But don’t let his newlywed status lull you to believing he’s soft; Sameed has not forgotten how to throw down…. or up. Sameed put the word “rage” in wedding engragement. Always ready to lead a new adventure, find a new friend, and make bad decisions, Sameed is your perfect trek leader, and a personality you’ll never forget.