Santiago Morfin

Santiago might be best known for optimizing the Latin American market for Vail while working in sales at the ski resort. Or potentially for his wardrobe of brightly colored pants (we’re told that’s what’s done in Miami?). Or, perhaps, for never missing a Skeeps night. Or, maybe he’s best known for the stories he weaves to win the hearts of recruiters. Legend has it he brought a Microsoft interviewer to tears with his tale of keeping in touch with a childhood friend, who moved to Spain, only because they could play Xbox live together (spoiler alert – it maaaay have been slightly exaggerated). Santi can be a sassy “savage” when he’s in the mood, and his go-to expression of excitement is, simply, “Deutschland!” At Ross last year, Santi could be found planning Latin American Business Students Association (LABSA) parties that do his Miami roots proud. This coming year you’ll find the older, more mature version serving as LABSA’s VP of Finance in preparation for his corporate finance career. And if you can’t find him doing any of that, he is most likely drinking a G&T. Or grocery shopping for only peanut butter, turkey and bread. (No eggs. Never any eggs. Or rum.)

Oh, and Santi’s the perfect travel buddy. His three passports (yeah, we know, he’s pretty much an international spy) give him access to basically the entire world (#europeanunion). So, get ready for an awesome week – it always is, if Santi’s at the helm. Deutschland!