Sapna Patel

Concerned about the lack of legroom on your 18-hour flight to Cambodia? Complain to Saps about it. Our favorite former Boeing employee and aero-space expert, Saps can design an airplane with her eyes closed and an empanada in hand. Another Chicago native, this operations wizard is making the bold choice to take her talents to Dubai for the summer where she can combine her passion for camels and getting paid real money again. Everyone that’s ever met Saps loves her so if you’ve ever been told to be nicer Saps can probably give you tips that lead to free drinks! Sapna will be your go-to person on the trip if you’re concerned about drinking too much, worried about classes (she’s a genius), or getting Dave and Marcus to calm down when they get out of hand. She’s excited to meet you (and make sure you get home in one piece)!