Sara Fok

Sara may seem quiet, but she is our rager-in-chief.  Don’t let her handling of all the $ bills and deal-making throw you off, because Sara is the most aggressive leader in the crew.  A known party starter, dance partner, and leader of all boozy Ross events (seriously, she is on the BUS and the President of MBSA), Sara has been responsible for many of the best nights and worst hangovers of our lives — she’s ready to be an investment banker!  But she is not all rage — as our foremost-hiking enthusiast, she will take charge of leading all the nature treks but don’t be fooled into thinking that she is going to lay low for the rest of the night. After an hour of nap and a few margaritas – Sara will set the floor on fire. She is a fountain of knowledge in both matters Ross and how to boogie right and will dish out advice on everything from Finance to matters of the heart.