Sara “Sporty Spritz” Oliphant

See that picture? That’s Huxley. Huxley is the fluffiest, most adorable pup in all of Ann Arbor. He’s a grad student’s best friend and a great travel comrade. In fact, you should follow him on IG (huxley_the_fluffiest). Unfortunately the Mtrek board is filled with tyrants and made up the rule that leaders must be “humans”, so we had to bring Huxley’s mom, Sara “Sporty Spritz” Oliphant, instead. Huxley’s mom is from Louisville and thinks she’s so cool because she says y’all. She got kicked off the dance team at DePaul after freshman year for “violations” and worked at Red Bull until she realized all of her coworkers were born when she was in high school. Huxley’s mom will be consulting this summer since it’s the adult thing to do, but you’ll see her true colors shine while she’s knocking back aperol spritzes and giving dirty looks to Mark and Juan. And don’t say we didn’t warn ya, don’t stand next to her on the dance floor unless you’re hoping to like you’re doing the Elaine dance to the latest European pop hits.