Sarah Jameson

Sarah grew up in metro Detroit and after working in medical devices in Arizona for a while she’s back at Michigan as a Triple-Wolverine.  When she’s not busy giving all of her money to U-M, she enjoys hiking, triathlons, rock climbing, trying to convince herself to tunnel through the snow to the gym, and hanging out with her dog Sirius.  Weirdly, she’s not all about the ‘gram and is mainly on this trip because she once saw a picture of someone kissing a llama in Peru and it has become one of her life goals.  Drinks?  Sure.  No drinks?  Ok!  Dancing?  ABSOLUTELY.  Race you to the top of rainbow mountain and then lay on the ground with our feet over our heads when we run out of oxygen?  You know it!  **Voted the person that would survive the longest on a deserted island from her Mtrek 2018 group.