Sarah Levi aka “LEVI”

Like the chillest, most popular kid in your elementary school, Sarah is known only by her last name ‘Levi’. Hailing from the Bay Area, she still hasn’t figured out this whole Midwest thing and drops “hella” in conversations like its a real word. This Samoan princess has an infectious smile (retainers will be brought to maintain peak performance) but don’t be fooled – she frequently carries around handles of tequila or Fireball and will peer encourage you to take a healthy pull. She will also insist that she “doesn’t take shots” immediately before taking several shots and drinking anyone else under the table. A former consultant, Levi is full of fun facts, some true some questionable but delivered with confidence regardless. On MTrek you will probably find her dancing the night away with her ONE signature dance move (seriously, she only knows one) or getting stranger’s phone numbers, only to respond with “Sorry, I can’t talk right now”. Always down for a roadie, Levi will fill the crucial role of rallying the troops for the bar and getting the people turnt.