Sarah “Light Splash Of Cranberry” Loeb

Sarah Loeb aka “Sloeb” (affectionately called “Schloeb” by some of her inner circle) spent almost an entire decade sporting Barbour jackets and L.L. Bean Boots whilst dining on oysters, clam chowder, and blueberry buckle out on the East Coast and is now aggressively making her way back to her Midwestern roots. First it was admittance to the renowned Stephen Ross School of Business, next will be taking her marketing talents to a CPG summer internship in Minneapolis, and then finally going in for the Full-Time kill in Sweet Home Chicago. Sarah is a force of nature and possesses otherworldly fierceness when it comes to a goal or task at hand. Her self-reliant tendencies come in handy for this Bowdoin alum, ensuring she always has her liquor of choice (vodka, duh) at all her friends’ parties because she stores a personal bottle at their residences. Not one to be swayed by others’ wishy-washiness, Sarah is decisive…even choosing to peace out after a night of Skeeps shenanigans so she can rush home (well, after stopping first for some Hippie Hash at Fleetwood Dinner) to take care of her baby fur angel, Farley. On Mtrek, Sarah will be the one with the plan, directions, cellular data, charged phone, set alarms, unlimited amounts of essential travel supplies like Pedialyte…she’s got you covered!