Sarthak Sahney

When Sarthak asked Caroline to teach him to do laundry on MTrek last year, we thought he’d be the little brother Dave always wanted…instead he turned into the badass friend Marcus always strived to be. India might be the land of Sarthak’s birth, but he’s taken a serious liking to Ann Arbor winters and decided to double-down and move to Chicago to explore the cold in a more urban environment. A big fan of ketchup and his soon-to-be-wife GG (sorry ladies, he’s off-limits), Sarthak is known to break down the dance floor with moves you’ve never seen before and might not want to see again. Even though he’s never shown up to a class on time, he’s the guy to come to if you want to crush it as an international student (he got a job that sponsors!), are interested in the exit-opportunities from consulting, or want a serious introduction into Indian politics. On our trip, Sarthak will be the guy that handles most of the day-to-day issues and “procures” any of the things we forgot to plan for.