Sarthak “Shark” Sharma

The mysterious Shark (as he is known on the beaches of Italy) pretends to be an engineer born and raised in India. About the former we are sure it’s a lie, about the latter we are still trying to figure it out. The only thing we know for sure about him is that he spent years slaughtering small animals somewhere in the Indian subcontinent, managing then (through bribery? faking documents? who knows) to be accepted in UMich MBA. A travel enthusiast (having visited 12 countries), he is renown for his ability to mimic any accent or manerism of an earthly mammal incluing professors and classmates. A case competition whiz and consulting pro – he declares he can solve the bankruptcy issue facing the country of Italy and he will try to do so during our trip. You can count on him for any issues regarding excessive drinking and indecent exposure, but feel free to ask him any other question. He will at least pretend to be able to answer.