Sasha Kapur

While it’s not easy for any of us to admit it, Sasha has hands down the most energy on the dance floor, full stop. She WILL JUMP up and down FOREVER, and won’t lose her rhythm even as the night wains—she is Risky Business’ best drummer/trumpet player/etc (she plays so many instruments) after all! An undergrad Blue Devil, she decided to repurpose all her blue #sports clothes at Michigan because she is an evil genius #goblueagain? When she is not making us shake our groove things on the dance floor, she can be found exploring the big outdoors, hanging with the Out for Business and Consortium fams, and enjoying a strong drink with her awesome roommates. Just know that you will not see a bigger, brighter smile or receive a warmer, more welcome hug, whether it’s at Skeeps, in South America, or after she’s greeted her adoring fans post-Risky Show.