Scott Skinner

Scott’s friends refer to him as the most interesting man in the world. His past careers include bartender, small business owner, professional cook, boxer, professional actor, and Peace Corps Volunteer. Give him a few drinks and he will have some stories for you. At Ross, Scott is the President of section 3, the president of the Entrepreneurship and Venture Club, VP of the Dance Club and also on the MBA Council. This means he spends about 80% of his time in meetings. On warm Ann Arbor days, you’ll find Scott hanging out outside of Ross with his dog, Sophie. Scott’s personal hero is Peter Callahan and is excited for all of you to meet him. Scott’s also super excited to get to know all of you. He loves talking to people. He also loves talking and probably does that a little too much, but he means well so we let him do it. Scott lived in Georgia for a while and is really excited to show you all around the country.