Sean Francis Kelleher

Don’t let the preppy clothes, boat shoes without socks and Bieber-swooped hair fool you, Sean leaves a trail of destruction everywhere he goes. And we mean this in the best way. Having spent the last 8 years in Madison, WI he learned multiple important lessons such as: never leave home without a koozie in your back pocket, always locate the nearest Irish bar within 5 miles, and hangovers are fake news. His ability to request Wagon Wheel in over 15 languages has caused women across the globe to swoon (until he starts singing along). It’s a safe bet that Sean will be the drunkest member of the trek at any given point, but it’s equally safe to assume he’ll be the one taking the lead to plan the next stop.  No stranger to leadership, this future consultant and current President of the Wine Club is happy to talk about anything from the latest trends in healthcare to the Dook Blue Devils after a few bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau.