Shannon Disbrow

We don’t know where Shannon came from, who sent her, or what she wants, but what we do know is that she thinks you’re tacky and hates you (well maybe not you…but definitely us). Don’t let her stink eye fool you though, Shannon is the human embodiment of Survivor. In that she’ll outwit, outplay, and outlast each and everyone one of you when it comes to partying. Only, you won’t know it until it’s too late and you’re already 8 hours deep at The Real World house in Key West, weeping on a giant inflatable pizza slice praying for a nap and questioning every life choice you’ve made since birth while Shannon’s lounging by the pool knocking back ‘ritas looking fresh as a daisy (purely hypothetical of course). As the future leader (aka Qween) of Skeeps and current crusader for the plight of the residents of Forest Plaza, Shannon is taking her talents to Chicago this summer as a freshly minted consultant. Shannon is amped and ready to see some animals (or whatever) and already has her pedialyte powder queued up and ready to go for the party beast she is gearing up to unleash in Cape Town.