Sheila Paz Canales

Sheila hails from Lima. As the Latina of the group, she will bring the energy, flavor and Spanish to the crew. Tired of consulting, she came to Ross to find her passion and you’ll see her leading flash mobs or doing some Bollywood.

On Mtrek you will find me: During the day, chilling by the beach for sure and getting an amazing tan. And by night, drinking and dancing my soul off! Special bonus for salsa and latin music.

If I were a drink I would be: Pisco sour, the Peruvian flag drink. Because you’ll feel me softly at first, but watch out! I get energized and make everyone dance and have real fun.

Day drinking x night drinking: Both! Day drinking with a beer by the beach and night drinking at clubs till sunrise.

Fun fact: Winner of dance competitions, fashion designer and compulsive shopper – always forgets she doesn’t have a job anymore.