Shivi Gupta

Shivi is the barbeque sauce of the trip leader condiment set – sweet and spicy.  Her energetic friendliness is complemented by a cutting sarcasm that has been known to lay waste to entire villages.  Seriously, villages.  She’s probably not going to be leading the group anywhere, but she’ll make sure to jab sarcastic commentary at anyone else who tries.  And that’s why we call her Shady Shiv.  Shivi grew up around the world and has travelled extensively, and she has high standards for her trek.  You better keep up.  But that’s just bark — underneath she has a heart of gold.  Before Ross, Shivi worked in the education space in India — Shivi truly wants to change the world, and she probably will.  That is, as long as she learns that the world doesn’t work on Michigan Time.  But for our trek, she’ll always be there for you with a complementary remark or a cutting comment – and often with both.