Shubhankar (Shubs) Bhagwat

Shubhankar hails from Mumbai in India and like every proud Mumbaikar, brings his unparalleled Bollywood love, Sachin (The Cricket GOD) fandom and love for the sea to Ann Arbor.

A self proclaimed die hard Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page maniac, 10 years on since he picked up the guitar, he’s still trying to ear pick the Stairway to Heaven solo, horribly unsuccessful so far.

A startup ninja, he hasn’t yet worked at any company which had more than 70 employees when he joined (and he worked at 3 firms prior to Ross). But, he’a Digital marketing guru and pro-bono taught digital marketing to 1000+ MBA professionals in India.

Shubs will be the person encouraging everyone to move and groove to the Central American beats!!