Sierra Campbell

Sierra is from Springfield, Illinois and often over hypes the rather boring hometown of Honest Abe. Prior to Ross, Sierra was a consultant and travelled constantly. Ironically, she also has a fear of using the restroom on planes and really doesn’t enjoy flying. Sierra was once described by her coworkers in two words as “custom salad”, although she is very much looking forward to the wine and steak dinners. Unfortunately, she is really terrible at learning names and will likely call everyone “hun” for the duration of the trip. Her friends in college admired her persuasive techniques on influencing everyone to be at a healthy level of intoxication and amplify the fun. Similar to Diana and Sookie, Sierra will constantly remind you of her Greyhound girl Swifty (no, she was not named after Taylor Swift or that Rick and Morty show). Lastly, she will talk to you for hours about anything Bravo, Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, or foodie shows on Netflix. She’s fun, and definitely the most stable MBA2 on the crew. Seek her out if you need any real advise or help.