Stef “Cooked the Last Supper” Rubinstein

They say behind every successful man, there is an even stronger woman. And so of course behind President Obama, there was Stef Rubinstein. No one quite knows what she did when she worked in the WH, but she has a couple pics with Barry O so it was probs pretty important. After working in a fulfilling role to help bring our country forward, she took a job of similar national importance at the New York Times… Cooking. At Ross, you’ll see her grabbing coffee with Soojin talking about all of the amazing things on her Ross application. Speaking of applications, her resume legit says she’s perfected the chocolate chip cookie. It’s unclear how she makes those chocolate chip cookies so damn delicious, but being Gen-Z might suggest there are Tide Pods involved. Honestly, we’re afraid she’s going to replace the Italian cooking class chef in Tuscany and never come back.