Steve Hardin

Steve probably couldn’t find Thailand on a map but he still has plenty to bring to the table. He can eat a lot of Thai food… actually that’s pretty much it. Don’t be fooled by the extremely punchable look on his face in the photo or the mat of chest hair that would make any grizzly bear jealous. Steve is actually one of the friendlier people you will meet in your time at Ross. In his free time, Steve enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and pretending to be Batman, although usually not together. He cries during Terminator movies, consults the Dom Mazzetti YouTube channel to make important life decisions, and has a strong distaste for kale. He is probably best known around campus, however, as the guy who wears New York Mets t-shirts to “business formal” events and brings empty 6-pack boxes to bars to increase his carrying capacity. Steve is excited to lead this trek and meet incoming MBA 1s so he can share his unparalleled knowledge and experience with the Ann Arbor late night burrito scene.