Steve Mendoza

Don’t be intimidated by Steve’s mature looks or impressive UC Riverside education (some say it is the lost Ivy league of the West), he is neither…but what HE REALLY IS, is the guy who many say is easy to make fun of yet also the one who instigates the chugging of drinks and the ripping of shots. Many MBA 1s can attest to this given the times they planned on a low-key casual nights out with this guy and then waking up to hangovers wondering how the heck the drinking escalated so quickly after just hitting up Skeeps or Ricks. Steve is actually one of the friendliest and most sarcastic people you will meet in your time at Ross. His closest friends call him a mental assassin with his snarky jokes and comebacks. In his free time, Steve enjoys listening to the Spice Girls and pretending to be Goku from Dragonball Z, although usually not together…unless it’s his 5 drink. If you are looking for advice on making important life decisions or on learning more about the majestic history of Brazil, then Steve is probably not your guy…BUT if you want to experience a good conversation with the Trek leader who will serve as the subject of cheap humor, then he’s the guy.