Sunaina “The Snack” Kavi

Is our resident banker and finance chair for the trip. The only thing she does better than deal valuations is calculating the NPV of her next vodka soda. An impeccable dresser, “The Snack” will make sure that we are looking our most fly for photos, and she is easy to find in a crowd with an oversized bow in her hair and SKS monogrammed on all her clothing.  A total fitness freak, she’ll be leading the trek exercise program, making sure those abs stay tight after the copious Bahn-mi sandwiches and bowls of Pho we’ll be consuming. If you find yourself hungry between meals, have no fear Sunaina is a veritable walking Whole Foods with a plethora of snacks and treats to keep you going through a hike or late night dance session at the club. Her only weakness is a penchant for falling asleep almost anywhere which is her loss, and our win for some great candid #content.