Takeru Toba

Takeru Toba is actually The Most Interesting Man in the World. Before coming to Ross, Takeru worked for the Japanese government in the Ministry of Finance. At some point during that time period, Takeru established an unbelievable tolerance for all types of alcohol. (We actually think he’s drunk the entire Japanese Finance Ministry under the table and as a result controls all national budgets and financial policy.) In a further demonstration of his manliness, Takeru regularly hikes across mountains in snowstorms in a t-shirt and laughs about it. But he also has a softer side — he is a keen listener and a font of wisdom. At the end of the day, you can expect to find Takeru with a drink in hand and a wide smile on his face. If you want a truly good time, stay out late with Takeru and always answer yes to his familiar question: “Shall we have another?”