Tej Buch

Despite coming from a family of psychiatrists and Wisconsin-Madison, Tej is surprisingly somewhat normal. Well, except experiencing massive FOMO, which means he’s present at every party or event at Ross, pulling off MJ moves on the dance floor with the smoothness of a Kenny G track. He’s a fixture in the Winter Garden with his dapper looks and knows pretty much everybody, which makes him the school’s most reliable source of gossip. Tej is also the type of generous guy to invite half of Ross to Live for his 30th birthday and live it up with bottle service, ensuring there is enough Fireball for all. Despite raging the hardest, he’s always in a state to make sure everyone gets home and that he gets to eat a super healthy burrito at Pancheros at 3 am. A Chicagoland native, Tej is always quick to promote Chicago as a post-Ross destination, but will be betraying the Windy City this summer to intern in the Pacific Northwest for some kind of window manufacturer.