Tori Chang

We are so #blessed to have the Instagram Queen of the East Village joining us on this trek. Tori has spent decades cultivating her *vibe*… of which the key tenets are dancing on elevated surfaces, (almost) starring in 2 Chainz music videos, and “high fashion, low tolerance.” When she’s not expounding on the healing power of her gem water or sharing her flawless skincare routine, you can find this Delaware native telling a group of undeserving undergrads that she’s “too pretty to drink bad tequila.” What do Red Bull, Estee Lauder, and LinkedIn all have in common? Very little, other than Tori’s current resume and spirit companies. Kids, meet your soon-to-be Mom of the MTrek, who will not only be checking that you’ve eaten but also reviewing your caption before they can officially be tagged #SailToTheV. She’s SCREAMING in excitement to meet you all and #thrive with you on our many boat days.