“Vishnu Vishnu” aka “Vish Daddy” aka “ThePaleoBiker” aka “Ruler of Carbs”

You’ll be fortunate to be graced by the Savior, the Preserver, and the Protector while gallivanting around the ancient lands.  Arriving by way of Kerala -> Bangalore -> Mumbai -> New Delhi -> Cincinnati -> Dallas, Vish has made his warm presence felt across the Ross community.  The mechanical engineer from IIT Bombay and ex-consultant will be bringing [{sexy} back] his consulting talents to San Fran this summer with A.T. Kearney.  The salsa and afrobeat dancing, GroupMe answering, paleo motorcyclist knows nothing but a good time.  His chill vibes and love of hookah will certainly come in handy as we make our journey down the Nile.  By the time you’ve finished reading this, he most certainly has added you on LinkedIn – if not FB.  The most interesting man in the MBA is ready to lead like he’s about to crush first place in another pitch competition.