Warren Rickards

Let’s play a game of word association. We say: ‘Yeah mon, I’m from Jamaica’ You think :….smooth talkin’ contraband-wielding dreaded man? Voila, meet Warren. Well, minus the contraband-wielding dreaded man part. But definitely the Jamaican-born smooth talkin’ part. The self proclaimed ‘closer’ (ask him to explain what that means), Warren will lull you into a don’t-worry-be-happy mood with his Jamaican vibez before you know what’s happening to you. Be careful though, Warren quickly starts worrying and is not happy when drunk, hungry, and in an all out manhunt for a cheeseburger. Hailing from the great (and by great we most definitely mean mediocre) state of Florida before bschool where he worked in sales and sold stuff, Warren will be taking Silicon Valley by storm like a boss this summer before schmoozin’ up the locals on the French Riviera.