Weston Lander

The first time you meet Weston, you’ll seriously wonder, “Is this guy homeless?” The answer is, “He used to be, but no longer.” He is now a Rosser famous for getting drunk, crossdressing as Baby Spice (it’s a sight you can never unsee, but at least it raised money for a good cause) and performing one dance move over and over on stage. On most days, you will either find Wes at a various bars in Ann Arbor, close to blacked out, or standing somewhere at Ross with his hands on his hips, sighing about all the injustices of the world that he believes happen to him (e.g. the quality of kale at Whole Foods has been sub-standard lately). Being extremely white and from Colorado, Wes was an avid and almost professional skier, until he realized that almost professional skiers don’t make any money, which is why is he will now be spending his summer consulting in Chicago. But don’t let all of these questionable qualities fool you, Wes, the Bougie Hipster, is one of the best people to party with at Ross and quite badass all-around, so make sure you join him and make the Best Worst Decision You Can Make.