Winson Liu

From just north of Boston born and raised, on the playground was where Winson spent most of his days… If you’re looking for comedic references and witty one-liners, he’ll hit you wit it.   Before Ross, Winson used his expert quant skills from the insurance industry to disprove allegations of Tom Brady’s involvement in Deflategate. And there’s nothing he does without going 0 to 100, real quick, like blowing up Groupme’s with the nightly plan for raging during orientation, submitting resumes for 500 job postings, or straight up sleeping like a G.  When he’s not overtly talking about his affinity for a career in “growth strategies” or pretending to be OK with being called the wrong name (like Winston, Wilson, or Windows), rest assured he guarantees that you’ll have a blast exploring the best local cuisine and starting a dance battle at the club like you’re in the movie You Got Served!