Yuwei “McDangerzone” Li

Yuwei’s favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids. Have you ever seen a commercial for Sour Patch Kids? Where the cute little candies do despicable things and then act like they did nothing wrong? That’s Yuwei. She can’t be trusted. If Director of Admissions was Gru, the MBAs would all be minions… except for Yuwei. She’d be the evil purple minion. As a former consultant turned techie, Yuwei is a crafty manipulator and now is learning how to use data to do it even more effectively.  When she isn’t eating Cottage Inn Pizza with her roomies or yelling at her BF to get her another vodka soda at Skeeps, Yuwei can be found pretending to read TechCrunch in the Winter Garden (she’s actually watching animal vids on FB).  When it’s 4am and all the local fare is closed —  you can count on Yuwei to be your guide to the late night grub scene wherever you are.  This girl can sniff out a McDonald’s from a mile away.