Zach Inz

Zach has never said no to bottle service in his life. While he is officially breaking into investment banking this summer, he’s been living like an investment banker since birth. Zach is always hustling and was known for taking work calls during last year’s MTrek, because DraftKings couldn’t run without him *apparently*. But Zach isn’t all fun and games. Known for scheduling pool-side Rosé deliveries at the beach club, ideally at the correct interval of 2 magnum bottles every half hour, he takes MTrek planning extremely seriously. Zach knows the best restaurants, bars, and clubs in every city partly because his vast social network has already been everywhere we’d ever want to go. He religiously maintains and grows this network through classic tactics such as the “mini football approach.” He always puts his friends first and if you find yourself waiting in line to get into the club, Zach will always come through.